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1. Laboratory

MOINOPOLIS is an international laboratory of thoughts on spatial matters and operates as an exchange platform.
Etymologically MOINOPOLIS is deriving from the Indo-European expression for exchange "moino" and the Ancient Greek word for city "polis". To this effect, the laboratory investigates multiple developments of space, predominantly in the urban context and communicates substantive positions, ideas, theories or equivalents through events, workshops and publications.

It explores contemporary issues related to society, culture, art, new technologies, urbanism and architecture and initiates new impulses for discussion by bringing together a diversity of creatives and researchers throughout various disciplines.

You are invited to submit a conclusive paper, a strong project, an insightful interview or even a manifesto. Every year a yearbook will be published as printed edition bringing together all positions of the laboratory.

2. Participation

The participation is open to contributors from a wide range of disciplines such as architecture, urbanism, sociology, scenography, design, geography and any related fields.
International professionals, young academics, students and creatives are invited to participate as individuals or in groups. Only one contribution is accepted per individual or group.

Contributions must consist of unpublished material.

3. Submission

All participants should submit their contributions digitally as text or image using the online registration form. In the implausible case, that the server might be overloaded on 30th April please fill in the following registration form and send your contribution via email addressed to submission[at]moinopolis.org.
Download PDF Registration Form

Both a single text contribution or project as well as a combination of both formats is accepted.
Authors are obligated to take care of reproduction rights and to indicate all copyrighted sources. By submitting a contribution, the participant declares that he/she accepts the terms and conditions.

Incomplete contributions will not be considered.

4. Evaluation

Contributions will be reviewed, and articles chosen on the basis of the following criteria:
- Correlation to the topic
- Creative approach
- Visionary potential
- Logical explanation
- General relevance

5. Rights

By submitting a contribution, the individual or group consent to the organisers using, publishing, copying and disseminating the contribution free of charge to conduct the laboratory and in the subsequent media coverage without restrictions as to time or place.

Individuals or groups must confirm that they are the exclusive author of the contribution they submit, that they have the unrestricted right to use the contribution and that submitted contributions are not subject to the rights of third parties. In the case of group contributions, the person submitting the contribution declares that all persons involved in creating the contribution consent to participating in the laboratory and to possible publication at a later date.

Authors are obligated to ensure reproduction rights and to indicate all copyrighted images.

By presenting a contribution, the participant declares that he / she is aware of and accepts the terms and conditions mentioned above.

6. Liability

The organisers of the laboratory are not responsible for any loss or damage of submitted contributions.

If a third party claims that a contribution infringes on his or her rights, the individual or group agrees to free the organisers from all claims of third parties or to provide compensation.

7. Data protection

Personal data are collected, processed and used only for the purpose of conducting the laboratory.

8. Changes to terms and conditions of the laboratory

The organisers reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

9. Contact

For further questions please contact info[at]moinopolis.org

Parkring 37
68159 Mannheim